charcoal soap n Oatmeal Soap

charcoal soap n Oatmeal Soap Ingredient : Bamboo, Oat, Rice Water, Oliver oil Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Function : Oily balance, clearing acne, charcoal antibacterial effect

Charcoal soap

Charcoal soap can deeply cleaning the bottom layer of the pores, throughly remove the hidden dirt, oil and remove cuticle.  Charcoal soap can strongly moisturize skin, eliminate mature acne, active tissue regeneration, dilute acne marks and restore smooth and flawless skin.   And the charcoal factor can strongly adsorb, remove blackheads and float them out, promote metabolism, long-term use can effectively prevent blackheads.  Moreover, shrink pores is the one of function of bamboo as well, limiting cell precision, strengthening pore contraction and perfection of skin.

We all know oatmeal cornmeal and wheat germ are all full of healthy vitamins and mineral, and with their gritty texture they clean and refresh your skin, leaving it smoother and brighter, which is great way to start your day.  Exfoliation is one of the most important parts of skin care, and this simple scrub is one of powerful for the oil face.

Washing the face with rice water can whiten the face, removing the acne and moisturize. Because rice contains vitamin E and starch, the water will absorb these nutrients when washing rice.  It is believed that it can effectively remove oil and whitening. This cleansing method is mild and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Because the ingredients are purely natural, it will not load the skin for daily use.  And the rice water has a strong degreasing effect, so remember to moisturize the skin after washing the face, otherwise the skin may be too dry.