Enjoy our process of our homemade Charcoal soap n ricewater soap

ūüĒć Charcoal Soap n ricewater soapCharcoal Soap n ricewater soapCharcoal Soap n ricewater soapCharcoal Soap n ricewater soap Charcoal Soap n ricewater soap

Charcoal soap can deeply cleaning the bottom layer of the pores, one of the material in¬†Charcoal is definitely an unexpected beauty ingredient. However, activated charcoal works wonders to deeply cleanse pores. The tea tree oil makes the mask clarifying, but it’s definitely strong and shouldn’t be used on sensitive skin. ¬†If you suffer with blackheads, you should definitely give this mask a try, ¬†Don’t be alarmed that Charcoal Soap is so black color; the results are worth it. ¬†Just make sure you rinse well after using this mask so that…

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How to make your DIY soy wax melts

You can do soy¬†wax melts with your kids at home, let them design the soy wax melts with dry flower and your favorite essential oil, put them in everywhere at your home, no worry on any chemical effect against your lovely pets and/or babies. This time, I do it with my daughter, she put some lemon grass essential oil and citronella essential oil, and deign the outlook by herself, Lemon grass¬†has a fresh taste makes you feel relaxed,¬†mosquito repellent to purify the air. The function of citronella oil is to…

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